Oh petti, my Petti, dear petticoat



good evening my dearies. this is my 3rd post today i think. and its about petticoats. well mine particuboth of my larly. i seem to be going through quite a dilemma here. i have 2 petticoats and no skirt, no JSK and no OP. but the dilemma more specifically is both of my petticoats are different lengths. im not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. they were both from the same place. i ordered them from leg avenue. before i can even begin to decide which  colorways i would like for my JSK’s, OP’s and Skirts i first have to deal with this petticoat stuff. i need to see how they work layered. how they look by themselves and such and so forth. when i was younger i didn’t even know what a petticoat was nor how to wear one. but now that i’m older and i did the proper research i can now say that i know what a petticoat is… 🙂 until next time stay lovely 


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