Riona becomes a princess

hello my dearies my name is stephanie but my friends call me Riona. i was always the type of person who just went with the flow and wore whatever the style was. but now i am undergoing a transformation. i am transforming from the regular me (Riona) to a Lolita version of me (Princess Riona) this blog will witness my entire transformation from my inspiration to the final product. anybody can be a Lolita to me all it takes is heart. between doing research, figuring out who i am and learning about the Lolita lifestyle i began to realize that this is the community that i belong within. i get the whole oh Lolita is expensive but i also know that where there’s a will there’s a way. not everything that glitters is gold so i’m sure that i can find deals on things and when i do i will jump at it. after careully reviewing the Lolita styles, i have come to the conclusion that i like them all. i will own a few pieces from each style but my styles will be classic and Gothic Lolita. i have always been a rather shy and laid person anyway. but that doesn’t matter because i can still be myself while being in Lolita clothing which makes me very happy and that’s truly how i know i have found the piece of me i have been missing. it is true that i begin to think about peoples response to this change. For example, i have my mom, my cousin and my brother to think about. then there’s my friends. every one has always known that i was different but sometimes i don’t think they realize how different i am from a lot of people. i have decided that i am ready to take the plunge into the world of Lolita frillieness. so from this day forth i will be known as Princess Riona


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