things that inspire me (classic lolita)

good morning my dearies. this morning i am going to talk about 2 classic lolita looks that inspired me to finally push myself to began the transformation. as i am writing this post i am slowly transforming my wardrobe from casual to lolita. Image


so the first look i would like to talk about is the classic all white look. in the picture above she has a very innocent look about her and i know that the whole of lolita revolves around that theme. any style in lolita is supposed to show innocence of a child. but i say the classic look and the sweet look achieves that goal at a higher standard. this look inspires me mainly because i didnt always like skirts or dresses but i love white and  this picture made me think i have to own a dress like that but if i do i have to wear it and thats when i finally put my foot down and told my mom hey i wanna lolita dress and i wanna change up my wardrobe and become more refined.



now for the second photo. its a high waisted skirt with a white blouse. i noticed that the classic look has a lot to do with the shades of white, floral prints and just a bit of a grown up appeal to it. im 18 so because i am already close to the age where society seems to expect more from me than dressing like a porcelain doll. i feel like the gothic and classic look would be more for me and that why this print above really inspired me. 


                                                                          good bye for now my dearies. 


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