first lolita co-ord.

hola my dearies. so i cant post pictures of it right now but i officially have my first lolita co-ord. it is black and purple. it is a cute gothic lolita look. its a black blouse with a black knee length circle skirt. then we have a deep purple bolero. my petticoat is white. my only dilemma with my co-ord is the color tights i should wear. im not sure if i should go with a solid color being purple or black or to go with a cute print that is both purple and black. and then i have a cute pair of all black mary janes. (just waiting for them in the mail.) because my hair is too short, i wear wigs so i have 2 wigs therefored i have to different hairstyles. the first would be 2 braids with a ribbon on the end of each aand a ribbon bow on my head as the accesoriy or i can have cascadig curls and a ribbon bow as my accessory. i am super excited. even though my first cord isnt brand it isnt even bodyline. it is still a very cool co-ord. i will definetly post pictures later. 


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