Not brand, not off brand …. then what is it.

hello my dearies, sorry for the random early morning post. now that is like a normal time of day i want to talk to you guys about a recent purchase i made. i went to one of my favorite stores. it isnt necissarily an off brand store but i think the store really hass potential. so anyway i brought an all black circle skirt from there. my petticoat fits comfortably underneath. (later ill post a picture of me wearing it with a full Co-ord. the whole point of this point is to show that you dont have to go to BTSSB, AATP, or even AP to get quality stuff stuff to dress in the Lolita fashion. Everyday stores sometimes may have better options atleast when it comes to cut. rarely a good print if your lucky. anybody can correct me if im wrong but going to a store is sometimes better also because you can try it on and look at the colors in their natural hue. until next time my lovelies. 


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