Othello (the manga)

good evening my dearies. i hope all of you are having a wonderful time. this evenings post is about Othello the manga. well it isn’t actually about the manga so much as its about a little bit more of why i got into the Lolita fashion mostly. so in this manga is a girl. her name is Yaya Higuchi. she is timid and shy kind like me. well she likes to Cosplay on sunday’s. she dresses up in Gothic Lolita attire and goes to various meetups. in this disguise she is able to be herself. (i am aware that lolita isnt cosplay but in this manga that’s what they call it.) but after reading this manga in junior HS i decided to do research on the Lolita fashion so that i can be properly informed on it. eventually i wanted to dress in the style but my mom felt that it was a phase i would grow out of too soon, so i left it be for that time. now i have graduated both HS and junior high and i am still interested. my mother takes me a bit more seriously now and is actually helping me to build my lolita wardrobe piece by piece, because we arent made of money she would rather i get off brand stuff for the time and every here and now she will try to get me a brand print if i truly truly want it and can match stuff with it. though i am th new lolita on the block i am hoping that people will try and want to help me and teach me right from wrong when it comes to the lolita fashion and lifestyle. i dont ever want to be considered an ita because i dont know what to do. i cant do it alone. until next time stay lovely and kawaii


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