my tagline/signature phrase and the possible youtube project

hey guys so today i was watching a bunch of lolita videos on youtube and i realized that almost all the girls have a signature phrase or stitck of some kind. this caused me think long and hard about mine and i think i am going to use the one that i normally use at the end of my blog post which is “until next time, stay lovely/ Stay kawaii. ok now that thats dealt with, lets talk about this possible youtube project. again i am going with what i know but one of my fave yotube channels Fille De Porcelaine i will put the link to her channel down below. anyway she did a project about lolita fashion i want to do something simliar but different. hers was sort of an interactive. i want mine to flow more as a storyline. since my focus is gothic and classic lolita styles i want to do like a mini fashion show it will be incorpated into the story somehow. when i have the details then i will defintely update here on my blog but keep a look out on my youtube channel for the introduction video to the project. 


here is Fille De Porcelaine’s channel link 


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