loli updates

hello my lovelies so i just did a youtube video… and well i was talking about some things that are coming up for me. lets see well i am hopefully going to be attending a fashion show this week thats a part of mercedes- benz fashion week. its an avante garde designer i dont remember his name but i have seen his work before and it is always absolutely stunning. how do i get to go well you see. the newyork lolita community got invited because the wigs and eyelashes used in his show were donated by dolluxe the place where most lolitas shop online for wigs and eyelashes so yea. i think theirr sponsering his show  how epic. i hope to have a lot of fun and with anything im doing lately meet alot of lolita’s. also i have my first official lolita meetup next week we are going to sugar and plumm resturant and well i hope to have a good time and again meet a bunch of new loli’s i am restarting my inner circle 




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