LBC: first lolita item

hey guys and welcome to this weeks lolita blog carnival. im actually a day early. but i actual had 2 items at the same tie. they were both from bodyline. the first was a black and white skirt le this: Image

yepp that the skirt. still working on coording it properly and the second because i brought them both from the same person is le that: 


the blue skirt im also stil learning how to coord that one as well but hey im still new to lolita so its a process but this is my eentry for this weeks lolita blog carnival. sorry for the hiatus my internet is off so i catch it when i can. 


5 thoughts on “LBC: first lolita item

  1. I bought the blue floral version of that first skirt when I was starting out! I loved it a lot and wore it all the time. I hope you will be able to make a coordinate that you like with it, it seems like it could be very versatile and useful.

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