New Year, New Me, New Life.

hello my dearies. your lovely princess Riona is back. some things happened in lifee that kept me from posting for a while. i was busy with dealing with my school loans. sadly im still in debt. (its being taken care of though.) my grandmother past away two years ago. and then my aunt past away just last year right after i had my son. so i have been dealing with family memebers that have been on an emotinal trip. but so have i so i cant really blame them. also my boyfriends sister andm y cousin both ahd kids as well. so just life and death all around me.


Ok so some good news is. i am still working towards becoming a lifestyle lolita. my son will be 1 in three months. i was in the sakura matsuri parasol society fashion show. plus i am living life and having fun. i have a really cool tea party planned for my 21st birthday party. i really hope alot of the girls from the nyc comm and surrounding comms decide to come out it will be a great way to make new friends. until next times stay lovely/ stay kawaii my dearies



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