Back to the beginning

Hey i know it has been awhile but life keeps getting in the way. From taking care of my son to finding a job i am swamped. I am still kn my journey to becoming a lifestyle lolita. I have read over all the post in my blog and i realize that i may have sounded a bit obsessive and quite overbearing at times but im learning. I also noted my progress as well. I never really had a true mentor in the fashion so i struggled alot. I still struggle but not as bad as before. I am still learning but i actually know the difference between an actual lolita coord and something that looks loliable but really isnt. 
So now i am going to start over. I sold most all of my skirts and jsk’s because i can no longer fit them. I have one op now it is an all white one. I am planning on buying some new ones soon lets see what i find. Until next time stay kawaii my frilly friends. 


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