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Back to the beginning

Hey i know it has been awhile but life keeps getting in the way. From taking care of my son to finding a job i am swamped. I am still kn my journey to becoming a lifestyle lolita. I have read over all the post in my blog and i realize that i may have sounded a bit obsessive and quite overbearing at times but im learning. I also noted my progress as well. I never really had a true mentor in the fashion so i struggled alot. I still struggle but not as bad as before. I am still learning but i actually know the difference between an actual lolita coord and something that looks loliable but really isnt. 
So now i am going to start over. I sold most all of my skirts and jsk’s because i can no longer fit them. I have one op now it is an all white one. I am planning on buying some new ones soon lets see what i find. Until next time stay kawaii my frilly friends. 


New Year, New Me, New Life.

hello my dearies. your lovely princess Riona is back. some things happened in lifee that kept me from posting for a while. i was busy with dealing with my school loans. sadly im still in debt. (its being taken care of though.) my grandmother past away two years ago. and then my aunt past away just last year right after i had my son. so i have been dealing with family memebers that have been on an emotinal trip. but so have i so i cant really blame them. also my boyfriends sister andm y cousin both ahd kids as well. so just life and death all around me.


Ok so some good news is. i am still working towards becoming a lifestyle lolita. my son will be 1 in three months. i was in the sakura matsuri parasol society fashion show. plus i am living life and having fun. i have a really cool tea party planned for my 21st birthday party. i really hope alot of the girls from the nyc comm and surrounding comms decide to come out it will be a great way to make new friends. until next times stay lovely/ stay kawaii my dearies


LBC: first lolita item

hey guys and welcome to this weeks lolita blog carnival. im actually a day early. but i actual had 2 items at the same tie. they were both from bodyline. the first was a black and white skirt le this: Image

yepp that the skirt. still working on coording it properly and the second because i brought them both from the same person is le that: 


the blue skirt im also stil learning how to coord that one as well but hey im still new to lolita so its a process but this is my eentry for this weeks lolita blog carnival. sorry for the hiatus my internet is off so i catch it when i can. 



hey guys, sorry that im just now posting it but i had fun at spring fest. Image

this was me on sunday of spring fest. i wore this to my panel which was great by the way. i had fun. i think when i actually presented my presentation i learned alot. there wasnt many questions but hey atleast it was a full houes (room)



this was me friday before springfest. sitting n the room with the starlight garden maids and butlers. 


and here is a random selfie from saturday. sorry the pictures are all out of order and sorry there arent more. maybe next year ill make time for pics. i volunteered this year so i wasnt focused on fun and plus it was my first con so i was most definitely confused aside from the fact my phone kept ding but i love all my frilly friends and ill see you soon, 

this is princess riona signing off.


hey my lovely loli’s just wanted to post a random update since im falling behind with the posting. its been a bussy couple of weeks. i promise i will try to post more and procrastinate less but im almost 100% positive that you guys dont want to hear about my love life so there. but i love you all anyway have a wonderfully wonderful good night my dear loli’s

something in your life that you’ve lolita-fied

hello my frilly friends, so im new to the lolita blog carnival, and this weeks topic is something in your life that you’ve lolitafied. something in my life that ive lolitafied or tried to anyway was a black skirt, it had the right shape but sadly wasnt the right length.. but yea thats my experience. i know this blog post is short but hey its not easy for me to blog about certain things and linked below are other bloggers and their post check it out