Visiting New York Meetup!!

hey guys didja miss me? well i’ve missed you guys, Anyway i had my 2nd lolita meetup today, i had fun. the girls are super nice and my co-ord was adored. it was qualified as a classic co-ord so this makes me happy! Image


anyway with that being said we went to chelsea market and the highline. i had alot, alot of fun. cant wait for another loli meetup. 


until next time my lovelies


loli updates

hello my lovelies so i just did a youtube video… and well i was talking about some things that are coming up for me. lets see well i am hopefully going to be attending a fashion show this week thats a part of mercedes- benz fashion week. its an avante garde designer i dont remember his name but i have seen his work before and it is always absolutely stunning. how do i get to go well you see. the newyork lolita community got invited because the wigs and eyelashes used in his show were donated by dolluxe the place where most lolitas shop online for wigs and eyelashes so yea. i think theirr sponsering his show  how epic. i hope to have a lot of fun and with anything im doing lately meet alot of lolita’s. also i have my first official lolita meetup next week we are going to sugar and plumm resturant and well i hope to have a good time and again meet a bunch of new loli’s i am restarting my inner circle 



reactions in the street

reactions in the street

good evening lovelies, so i finally wore loli out of the house and it was proper for the most part my bow was upside down but ill live. it was cool though. i got alot of different reactions noone was mad so that was good. i actually had a conversation with this girl. she is interested in dressing in lolita but she thought that the style had something to do with the book so thats why she was scared. after we talked though and i told her some sites that i recommended and well we may have a new loli in town

my package

hello my lovelies, i finally recieved my package. it took alot but i got it. i brought two bodyline skirts from someone on facebook. she is very nice. but later on today or possibly tommorow i will post co-ord pics. now i definetly can wait for my first loli meet i have some cute co-ords in mind. stay lovely and kawaii 

springfest NY + other lolita goodness.

hey guys sorry for the long hiatus from my blog i have just been busy with real life plus didnt have much to write. now that i do have some things to write lets run down the list. 1. springfest NY is coming up and guess who’s going to be a volunteer? yep your truly ms. princess riona. (meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!) but yea my first training is this saturday. i am so super happy and to makes things better the 2 skirts that i ordered should be here before then and if they are i will get to go to the meeting all lollied up. on fridaay night i am going to iron my skirt, curl my wig and make sure everything is neat and proper for the next day. i am going to take a nice lavander bubble bath at night and light a lavander incense to give me calming dreams. in the morning i will wake up early so that i can have time to prepare my make up make sure my wig is on correctly and give me enough time to get dressed and out the dor. i have to make a good first impression or they might send me home. 2. like i said in number 1 i got two my first to official lolita skirts. they are bodyline but i brought them from someone else. 3 i just ordered some pretty ballet flats rom amazon i hope they come in time. this snow is really making it hard for me to be happy though because the skirts are upstate and its ssnowing like no tommorow then i just ordered the shoes so i am practically screaming in my head. i hope everything goes right on saturday regardless. and 4i recently joined the facebook group lolita blog carnival so look out this friday for my lolita blog post and video. until next time stay lovely and kawaii

lolita update

hey guys, sorry about not posting yesterday. i wasnt home. but now that im back you will have more lolita post soon. im just sad because the first outfit that i thought was a full lolita co-ord wasnt. apparently the skirt was the wrong shape and well the outfit was picked apart from the bottom up. i think my hairstyle was the only lolita thing in the outfit. this makes me sad

my tagline/signature phrase and the possible youtube project

hey guys so today i was watching a bunch of lolita videos on youtube and i realized that almost all the girls have a signature phrase or stitck of some kind. this caused me think long and hard about mine and i think i am going to use the one that i normally use at the end of my blog post which is “until next time, stay lovely/ Stay kawaii. ok now that thats dealt with, lets talk about this possible youtube project. again i am going with what i know but one of my fave yotube channels Fille De Porcelaine i will put the link to her channel down below. anyway she did a project about lolita fashion i want to do something simliar but different. hers was sort of an interactive. i want mine to flow more as a storyline. since my focus is gothic and classic lolita styles i want to do like a mini fashion show it will be incorpated into the story somehow. when i have the details then i will defintely update here on my blog but keep a look out on my youtube channel for the introduction video to the project. 


here is Fille De Porcelaine’s channel link